Cartography is one of the most promising industries for drone applications. Based on the data received from the drone, you can make orthomosaics, terrain elevation matrices, individual objects, etc. The use of UAVs in this area can significantly reduce material and resource costs for creating maps and terrain models.

       A bump map is generated from drone scans and ground control points. A bump map (elevation map) is essential for accurate territory management. It allows you to clarify the area of ​​the field, and, accordingly, the amount of seed, fuel and lubricants and the time for processing the field. A bump map allows you to identify potential problem areas, such as flood zones, areas of limited water access, places of soil erosion, and others.

       On the basis of the images obtained from the drone, specialists form orthomosaics, with the accuracy and in the coordinate system that is necessary for your project in the future. They are used to create topographic maps and plans, land inventories, capital construction projects, etc.


      Thanks to the use of drones in the telecommunications sector, it is possible to save on the development of ground infrastructure, as well as on the staff. Drones are capable of solving many more universal tasks faster than humans. With an ever-increasing daily increase in Internet traffic, this choice will be more than reasonable.

Assessment of the condition of TV towers
       The data obtained with the help of drones is used to check the performance of towers, troubleshoot, and video surveillance of repair work. This will significantly reduce the time for scheduled control.

Emergency work
      UAVs can be used both to search for damage in an emergency, and in the process of restoring the infrastructure of a telecommunications network. In some cases, drones can briefly act as mini-antennas. For this, the so-called Flying COWs (Cell on Wings) are used, which are able to stay in the air, consuming electricity from the ground station via cable.

UAV components for yours projects

       We offer a wide selection of proven components for your unmanned aerial systems. Including airframe, propulsion system, camera gimbals, datalinks, tracking antenna and much more.

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